Monday, May 5, 2014

Working Mom Essentials

Working Mom Essentials

Working Mom Essentials by allthingskatiemarie 

After being back at work for a few weeks, there are a few things that I quickly realized are daily essentials. 

1. Robe- My baby loves to spit up. I wear a robe every morning while I'm getting ready, up until I buckle her in the car seat and we leave. It's like a protective cloak from her fabulous spit up!  
2. Vitamin B-Complex- I carry these vitamins in my purse and take a few whenever I feel like I need a little boost of energy!
3. Infinity Scarf- Have you ever gone to work with spit up/drool/poop/food on you? Just throw on scarf and you're set to go! 
4. Dry Shampoo- LOVE this stuff! Days when you don't have time to wash and dry your hair before work, you can simply spray some dry shampoo in it, style it, and you're beautiful as ever! 
5. Hair Ties- I really love these cute elastic hair ties because you can wear them on your wrist throughout the day as a cute bracelet and throw your hair up when needed. I especially love these because they don't dent or crease your hair like traditional hair bands. 
6. Coffee- Before I had a kid, I never ever drank coffee. Now, I start my day with a big cup! Life saver!
7. Baby Wipes- I always have a travel pack in my purse. Baby wipes are just a great multipurpose tool to have with you at all times.
8. Water Bottle- I really love this one handed water bottle because it doesn't spill or open unless you push down on the lever. Life is busy and you need to make sure you're taking care of yourself and staying hydrated throughout the day!
9. Under Eye Concealer- Let's face it, those dark bags under your eyes are now permanent. It's time to invest in some great under eye concealer before your co-workers start telling you that you look completely exhausted!