Thursday, May 1, 2014

Throwback Thursday ~ Around the World

Around the World

For some reason, I've always wanted a world map in my home. My husband and I love to travel, and we thought it would be fun to place pins in the places we've been to. Our life dream is to visit all 50 states in the US and travel to all 7 continents! Lucky for us, we're young and have plenty of time to complete our world travels!
Apparently I need to learn how to take level pictures. No worries, it's level on the wall!
This project ended up being much harder than I anticipated. Since I wanted a really large map (50 x 32), I couldn't buy a frame big enough for under $300. Umm...not happening! I also couldn't find a framed cork board large enough. So please, take it from my countless trial and error attempts, and just do it right the first time!

Mistake 1: Originally, I bought a map and a science project board. I thought I could use modge podge and glue the map to the giant science board, thus, making it easier to place pins. The map was getting so many wrinkles in it, despite my efforts to make it perfectly smooth. Trashed both the map and the science board. Ugh.

Mistake 2: Since one roll wasn't large enough, I bought two rolls of cork board material. I devised a plan to glue and/or nail the rolls of cork board to a thin piece of wood. Then, I wanted to build a frame and attach it all. Well, that just got ugly real fast. Scrapped all materials.

Success: I finally realized that I was just trying way too hard! This project couldn't be this complicated, could it? It occurred to me that I could simply just staple the map directly to the wall. It doesn't even need backing for the pins to stick into it- they can just stick into the wall! Being that we probably won't sell our house for many years, what's a few small tack holes? Nothing I can't cover and paint in the future!
To create a frame, I bought some 1.5 inch wood border from Lowe's. I spray painted it, then my fabulous husband cut the edges at a 45 degree angle, and connected them all. He used a staple gun to attach it to the wall and *tada*! Done!  So happy with the finished product! The blue pins are places my husband has been, red is where I have been, and yellow is where we have gone together. Again, I apologize for the horribly crooked pictures!
Step 1: Staple map to wall. Make sure it's level.

Step 2: Attach frame to wall.
Good start to our travels! 15 different places- not too shabby!

Finished product!