Thursday, April 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday ~ Baseball Wreath

Baseball Wreath

I decided it was time to get into the baseball spirit! I was as a charity event last December and saw a wreath like this being auctioned off for...(brace yourself!)...$150! I know. I know....but it's for charity! Whatever! Instead of forking over the money and tax write off, I decided I could definitely make it myself! Thanks to a little lot of help from my husband, I made this adorable wreath for free using supplies around my house and in just 20 minutes!

Supplies needed:
- wire hanger
-14 baseballs
-ribbon of choice (I used burlap)

Step 1: Beg your wonderful husband to drill holes in the baseballs. Or, do it yourself. Personally, I didn't want to drill off my hand.
Drill pro and hand model extraordinaire, Brandon!

Step 2: Straighten out hanger and thread baseball onto wire.
Step 3: Tighten ends of wire together using pliers.
Step: Add bow of choice and admire your neighbors envy!