Monday, March 17, 2014

Month Three Favorites

month three favorites

month three favorites by allthingskatiemarie on Polyvore

Here are my favorite baby products that I’ve been using the this last month.

1.     Sleep Sounds- Taylor is such a good sleeper and I think the fact that we’ve been playing sleep sounds at night since the day we brought her home has made a big difference. We also played them nightly while I was pregnant…not sure if that made a difference?! Regardless, she loves them and I do too!
2.     Bumbo chair- This chair is awesome and can be used for months and months! She loves just sitting up in it and taking in the environment. In the future we’ll be able to use it in the bath tub, during feedings, outside, and many other ways! It’s light weight and we take it from room to room with us. It also has a tray table that you can buy separately which looks really awesome!
3.     Go Baby Go toy- Tummy time has become quite eventful with this little gadget. Babies love looking at themselves in the mirror and this toy is perfect!
4.     Angel Care monitor- Finally we can sleep through the night without walking in her room to check on her breathing. This contraption is a pad that goes under the crib mattress and detects movement. It’s been really comforting knowing she’s breathing safely at night.
5.     Calming Vibrations Tub- I’m sure this bathtub isn’t anything extraordinary or special, but it’s been wonderful for us since day one. It has a vibrating mode and the mesh net is comfortable and great for babies.
6.     Toys- I love these two toys because Taylor can grip onto them and wave them around. It’s great for early fine and gross motor skills.
7.     Johnson and Johnson lotion- I suppose these lotions can take credit for that wonderful “baby smell.” We use the pink lotion throughout the day and the purple lotion at night. The purple lotion is lavender scented which helps babies fall asleep.