Friday, February 7, 2014

Weight Loss Motivation

Alrighty, time to air out my dirty laundry. During my pregnancy I gained 27 pounds. I was pretty comfortable with that number being that the recommended weight gain for my size/build was 25-35 pounds.  No biggie. Thankfully, the first seventeen pounds just fell right off in the first two weeks. Pretty awesome, but the last 10 pounds have been so difficult to lose! To help motivate myself, I created these jars to get a visual of my goal.

    I would weight myself at the end of each week and move over a ball from the "weight gained" jar to the "weight lost" jar. It was a very satisfying task and by only doing it weekly, I could get a good sense of how I was progressing. I'm so happy to report that I have lost all of my baby weight at this point, but I know it will be a struggle to maintain my current, pre-baby weight.
    How did I do it? First and most important, I didn't allow myself to pig out during my entire pregnancy. Yes, I'll admit. The last month I was so uncomfortable and miserable that I just stuffed my face and napped all day. But, the majority of my pregnancy I managed to stay active, drink plenty of water, and eat healthy. I definitely think that helped me lose the majority of the weight.
    Once I was given permission from my doctor to workout, I started up on my stationary bike. Being that it's winter and so cold out, I didn't want to take Taylor on runs outside. I've been using my stationary bike along with this DVD whenever Taylor naps. It's an awesome DVD and is super fun! I can do it any time of the day and can stay nice and warm in my house while watching Taylor sleep. It's been my saving grace and helped me lose those last, stubborn 10 pounds.
   Along with exercising, eating healthy is key. I haven't been counting calories or dieting necessarily. I'm just trying to eat as healthy as possible when I can without depriving myself of foods I love (dessert, mainly!)
What do you use to motivate you? I totally think having a visual reminder of your goal is helpful!