Friday, February 21, 2014

Month Two Favorites

month two favorites

month two favorites by allthingskatiemarie on Polyvore

After getting a better grip on this parenting thing, I have discovered some must have items this past month.
1. Pampers Swaddlers- After trying a few different brands of diapers, these are definitely my favorite. They fit great, have a line down the center that turns blue when the diaper is wet, and has been great on Taylor's skin. No diaper rashes or blowouts yet!
2. Car mirror- Now that we're out and about a little more, this mirror has been nice. I hate that I can't see her in the carseat since it's rear facing, but the mirror enables me to see her sweet little face (usually passed out) while driving. 
3. Baby Bjorn Carrier- I'm amazed at what I can accomplish with this carrier on! Vacuuming, dishes, laundry, etc. Some days Taylor just wants to be held all the time. Well, now she can and I can still get stuff done! The best of snuggling and multitasking in one! 
4. Rock n' Play- Taylor has been sleeping in this for a few weeks and absolutely loves it. The crib was just a little too open and free for such a little peanut. This is similar to a hammock and molds to her body so she's snug and secure. It's been a great sleeping tool and since it has a slight incline, it also helps reduce spit up from late night feedings. 
5. Play yard- A tummy time must! I'm so happy that she can actually benefit from this toy now. I'll place her under this mat for 20 minutes and she's a happy camper!
6. - Little Yellow Chick Blanket- This blanket is SO soft and fuzzy! It's a great size (24 x 24 inches) to snuggle with while Taylor is in her car seat or swing. I want one in my size! 
7. Humidifier- This has been really nice to use during this cold and flu season. We fill it up and place it in her room nightly to help keep the air damp and clear her nose and lungs.