Monday, December 9, 2013

Nursery Organization

For such small creatures, babies sure do need a lot of things! I'm not sure who has more clothes, me or Taylor?! I'm sure she doesn't need the 40+ bows I have, but that's totally ok! I like knowing she has an accessory for every outfit :) The nursery is a small room, so it was crucial that I used every inch to maximize on space and efficiency. Luckily, I love to organize, so this was a fun task for me!

Here's a look at her closet.
 I used these closet dividers (Babies R Us ) to separate clothes by size: newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, etc. The dividers came with stickers with the sizes but also with other categories, such as jackets, blouses, dresses, pants, etc. Personally, I like dividing them by size. Within each size, I naturally separated them by short sleeved onesies, long sleeve onesies, jackets, pants, etc. 

 At the top of the closet, I've stock piled diapers. They are in order of size and easy to access when a new box is needed. Below the top rack of clothes are two baskets. One is labeled "too small" and the other is full of nursing essentials. I plan on tossing articles of clothing that are too small into the specific basket so cleaning out her closet as I go will be easy (hopefully!)

Nursing essentials basket.

"Too small" basket to easily clean out clothes throughout the year.

Diaper storage on the top shelf.
 Here is the other side of her closet. Again, the top is stocked with diapers in varying sizes. The next shelf contains two baskets. One is labeled "6 months bottoms" and is storage for items she can't fit into yet, but will be needed soon. The second basket is full of blankets. Since the clothes are so small, I didn't want to waste the entire bottom area of the closet. I bought this cubical from Target and am able to store shoes, accessories, and other essentials in the bins. And lastly, bottomless dirty clothes hamper lives in the corner. 

Diaper storage with additional baskets for extra storage.
 This cubical is full of shoes, accessories, hygiene items, and a basket of blankets.

 Overall, I'm pleased with the usage of space in the closet. I tried to make things accessible by using baskets that are easy to grab and can keep things in place.  I tried to use every inch of the closet to the best of my ability.

Next up, dresser organization! This dresser is from Ikea and has more than enough space for the essentials! To organize each drawer, I used these handy dandy boxes from Ikea.

Drawer 1 (from left to right): 
-Button up PJ's
-Zip up PJ's
- Colored coordinated pants/bottoms/jeans
-Socks, tights, leggings
SO many socks! This winter baby is ready to go!
Colored coordinated pants, leggings, and jeans.

 Drawer 2 (from left to right):
-plain white onesies

Bows! Bows! Bows!

Drawer 3 (from left to right):
-6 month PJ's
-6 month bathing suits
-Diaper pail refills
-Baby wipes
-Extra diapers

 Hopefully this will all work  out and stay nice and organized! Again, I tried to make things as accessible as possible and organize them in a sensible manner. Let's see how well my husband can navigate around the dresser and keep things nice and neat ;)