Friday, December 6, 2013

10 Things "To Do" Before You're Due!

With my due date creeping closer and closer, I'm on a quest to get things done! Granted, I can only do a little here and there, but I'm determined to be ready for our little bundle of joy! I'm trying to brace myself for pure chaos and disorder, so I'm trying to get all of my ducks in a row now.  One might walk into my house and think I'm prepping for the zombie apocalypse. Nope, just getting ready for our baby. After talking with many other moms, I've come up with a list of 10 things "to do" before you're due.

1. Deep clean the house. Not you, silly! Pregnant women shouldn't be exposed to harmful chemicals. Save some money and hire someone to deep clean your house. I'm talking scrubbing baseboards, doing yard work, the works! One last clean is essential since you won't have time or energy to do that after the baby arrives.
2. Go on a date night. With all of the excitement surrounding the baby, it's important to take some time for yourself and your significant other. If this is your first child, this will be the last time that life revolves around just you two. Savor the last few weeks of being a family of two and go on a date night. Here's a fun list of  date night ideas for you! Personally, I would recommend a couples massage followed by some binge eating and finishing up with a great movie. But maybe that's just me!
3. Prep dinner.  Grab your favorite recipes and prepare some frozen meals that you can pop in the slow cooker or heat up in the oven. Take the time to make, label, and freeze them now. Make sure you prepare some delicious and healthy options to help you loose that baby weight ;)
4. Write thank you notes.  If you haven't already, write thank you notes for your baby shower and for any other special people that have helped you out along the way. Write 5-10 cards a day and mail them out asap. You'll be thankful you did this before the baby comes!
5. Pack your hospital bag and diaper bag.  Ready or not, that baby is coming! Be prepared with your hospital bag packed and ready to go! Not sure what to pack? Check out my post (here) for some ideas!
6. Prepare for upcoming events. My little princess is due on Christmas. Hopefully she'll grace us with her presence a few days early or late, but regardless, she's making her debut smack dab in the middle of the holiday season. Since I'm on maternity leave, I'm fully taking advantage of this time to do all of my Christmas shopping, wrapping, decorating, and sending out holiday cards! Obviously this doesn't apply to everyone, but regardless, it's good to look ahead and plan for any upcoming events, parties, birthdays, etc. Do your shopping and wrapping now. You never know what the future holds!
7. Preregister with the hospital. Take 30 minutes (or less!) and preregister at the hospital where you will be delivering. It's simple and will save you time and stress on your delivery day. By getting some paperwork out of the way now, you can focus on the big arrival!
8. Organize the nursery. Start unwrapping all those fabulous gifts from your shower and put everything where it belongs. Wash the clothes, sheets, blankets, etc. Organize the dresser, load up on diapers, install the monitor, build the stroller...the list is never ending! Enlist in some help from your friends and family. Make a fun day of putting together the closet with a close friend and "oooh" and "ahhh" over all of the adorable and tiny clothes! Don't try to tackle everything at once! Just pick something appealing and try to complete a task daily.
9. Find a Pediatrician, Photographer, Day Care, etc. Start asking around for a good pediatrician, a newborn photographer, day care, etc. I was baffled to discover so many wait lists with professionals I had hoped to use! It's never too early to get started, especially if you're on a wait list. Ask other mommies, friends, and family members who they recommend to be working with your child. Put down any deposits, sign contracts, etc. and get ready now!
10. Relax- Well, to the best of your ability at least. Take advantage of mid-day naps and lazy days because that will all be over soon! Treat yourself to a pedicure, massage, or guilt free day of watching reality TV! Happy mom=happy baby! You will never have this time to yourself again, so be selfish and relax!