Monday, October 7, 2013

Closet Tags

I recently posted this picture on my instagram and had so many people comment and email me about posting a tutorial for these tags.
Ironically enough, this is the second post I ever did on my blog! Check it out here ! Well, back by popular demand, here it is! Yes, I plan my outfits. Why? Because it makes my life so much easier! I plan my outfits out Sunday and get my accessories together, everything ironed, and shoes ready to go! Sometimes I'll have backup outfits planned, just in case. I made these tags using Publisher and laminated them. Nothing exciting! But- I did find a great tutorial that I love even more than my tags. Brought to you by I Heart Organizing, here you have it ladies and gentlemen! A fabulous tutorial for making your own closet tags! 

To make these tags, I Heart Organizing used cardboard from cereal boxes and traced a DVD. She then added some cute paper and laminated them to ensure they would last longer. Perfect! Easy! Cheap!

If you're not up for some arts and crafts, you can always buy these tags. Here are some cute ones I found on Etsy .

And last but not least, here's a free printable that you can create without the need to be creative!