Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to Eat Healthy at Work

I'm so happy to be back at work and eating much better! During summer break, I'm home all day and just cruise past the kitchen and snack on junk food. It's so much easier for me to make better food choices at work because I'm limited to whatever I bring for myself. If I only pack healthy food, then I have to eat that or nothing! With my increasing appetite, I always make the choice to eat!

Being that my only "break" is the whopping five minutes of passing period and a forty minute lunch, I generally don't have time to prepare a big meal, go out to eat, or truly sit and enjoy my lunch. Most things I pack are easy and quick. I can usually eat them one handed while I'm making copies or returning e-mails. The majority of the snacks require no prep, are quick, and can be eaten while multitasking! Here are my "go-to" snacks!

Baby Carrots

 Go Gurt

These aren't your kid's Go-Gurt snacks. These don't taste like a melted down popsicle and have no high frutose corn syrup. Score! Basically, an adult version of a Go Gurt. Delicious and super convenient!

String Cheese

Apple Slices


Granola Bar


 Odwalla Smoothies


  Pre-Made Salads

Yes, I know it's cheaper to prepare your own salads, but this is just so convenient! I buy a weeks worth and bring my five salads to work Monday, and I'm all set for lunch for the week! I keep them in my classroom mini refrigerator and I'm good to go!


I love these water bottles (Victorias Secret) because they hold 32oz. of water, as opposed to most other bottles which tend to be much smaller. I pack two a day and drink them all before it's time to go home!

And there you have it! My favorite healthy work snacks. What are your favorite snacks to munch on at work or home?
 Funny Confession Ecard: As a teacher, I train for nine months to become a competitive eater. I can finish a meal in 3.2 seconds flat! 25 minute lunch my arse!