Tuesday, September 24, 2013

60 No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

With Halloween and the Fall season sneaking up, I wanted to share some fun no carve pumpkin decorating ideas! The possibilities are endless when you embellish a pumpkin! Here are some examples of craft supplies you can use to help create a cute pumpkin:
-craft paper
-Sharpie pens
-puff paint
-thumb tacks

Ok, are you ready for this? 60 great ideas to help jump-start you into the Fall season! Here's some of the best pumpkins I found! It's a little bit of everything. Cute, simple, traditional, funky, colorful, playful, unique, easy, complicated, etc. The list goes on and on. Peruse through the pictures and see if something inspires you this Fall!

Monogrammed Pumpkin

Decorate Pumpkins with Sewing Supplies - No carving your pumpkins this year! Just dig through your sewing stash to make these scrappy pumpkins perfect for a fall table or outdoor setting.
Cookie Monster pumpkin - no carving necessary! 
decoupage pumpkin 
My Delicious Ambiguity: No Carve Halloween Pumpkins 
37 Pumpkin no-carve decoration ideas. Tacky glue crayons on white pumpkin. Blow dry on high until they melt. Have on dropcloth or newspaper, wax can splatter. 
DIY Steampunk Cinderella’s Coach No Carve Pumpkin from BHG here. First seen at Geek Crafts here.    Instead of a magic wand, use corn planters for the wheels, a soap dish for the driver’s seat, a drawer pull for the door, and a sink drain for the window. The little mice are mini pumpkins with upholstery-tack noses, wire whiskers, and nail feet. 
No-Carve Painted Pumpkins
No-Carve Pumpkins - if you like to put your pumpkin out early….  but don’t want it to rot before are some  decorating options. 
Easy No-Carve Halloween Pumpkins 
bat swarm pumpkin 
Google Image Result for 
I must make me one of these - so sweet!
No Carve Pumpkins - Halloween Decorations -
Painted Pumpkins - 13 Easy DIY No-Carve Pumpkins - Bob Vila 

6 Super Cool No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas | The Stir 

chevron pumpkin!  you will definitely be seeing these at the bradley house!  no carve pumpkins are my fav! 
No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas for Kids & Adults to Dress Up your Halloween Decor 
Sequin Pumpkin - 13 Easy DIY No-Carve Pumpkins - Bob Vila
Why spill any guts – or blood? For this graphic concept from Alexa Westerfeld of The Swell Life, all you need is a pumpkin, some stickers, black spray paint and sandpaper.,,20058392_20634461,00.html#21220490 
Fast & Easy No-Carve Pumpkin-Decorating Ideas! {Creative Mamas Monday} | Kindred Spirit Mommy 
Halloween Pumpkin Stickers, pumpkin decals, no carve pumpkin Decor, set of 7. $9.75, via Etsy. 
No-Carve Pumpkin: Boo! Tattoo 

Monogrammed Halloween Pumpkin 
Clean out pumpkin, spray with a little bleach inside to keep mold away, and set pot in pumpkin!! simple unique porch or table decor!! 
Tangled Web  Cotton kitchen twine and few plastic spiders transform pumpkins from bright and cheery to creepy-crawly in a matter of minutes.    Read more: Easy Pumpkin Decorating Ideas – Unique Pumpkin Decorating Ideas at - Woman's Day 
diy no carve pumpkins - Google Search 
"Mummy" Pumpkin... no carve pumpkin idea! 
Paint pumpkin black, stem with silver. Glue on 'jewels'.  awesome 
Fall decorating idea: Reverse Stencil Pumpkin 
Fall decorated pumpkins :) 
Candy corn pumpkins just make me smile. Paint each layer! (use a sponge between each color) 
Black & purple buttons.. buttons as eyes 
Check out this adorable way to decorate a pumpkin!   I call it a "crocheter's jack-o-lantern!".   :)  -Lee Ann H  Http:// 
The easiest way to decorate a pumpkin ever! 
5 no carve ways to decorate a pumpkin 
I am so planting flowers in pumpkins this fall!  
¡¡¡Boooo!!! ¿Ya estáis preparados para Halloween? #halloween #ninos #disfraz 
Pumpkin Decorating 
Cool pumpkin decorating ideas 
pumpkin decorating ideas 
pumpkin decorations 
Pumpkin decorating 
Pumpkin decorating ideas from 
i think polka dots were my favorite pumpkin decorating trend this year - what about you? 
How to Make Glittered Pumpkin Decorations for Halloween 
gorgeous pumpkin decor at Design the Journey 

Sweet pumpkin decoration 

 More pumpkin decoration inspiration 
monogram pumpkin  

lace pumpkin. not usually a "lace" person, but I really like this! 
Totally doing this. It will be so cute in my dorm room :) No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas