Sunday, August 11, 2013

Reader Question & Answer

Here's my latest reader question and answer!

Hi Katie! I've been going through your blog after seeing it on Pinterest and am LOVING your outfits. Of course I've come across my usual problem with fashion blogs and figure "that will NEVER look right on me." So... Really WEIRD question. How tall are you and what's your shoe size? *blush* Let's just say with my mom's side of the family -- I got the big feet but not the height to go with them.  I fear me + skinny jeans and riding boots = will never be.

Hi Chris,
  Thanks so much for checking out my blog. To answer your question, I am 5'7'' and my shoe size varies anywhere between a 7.5-8.5, depending on the brand. Just because you and I aren't super models, doesn't mean we can't rock some great boots! I have many friends that are in your boat, a little on the shorter size. While you might be intimidated by riding boots, I assure you that boots are still something you can wear on the regular. I would suggest going for boots that are mid-calf height as opposed to super tall riding boots. Mid-calf boots will give the illusion of longer legs because more skin (jeans, leggings,tights,...whatever!) shows as opposed to tall boots where just a few inches (maybe) will be exposed. Skinny jeans can and should most definitely be worn with mid-calf and riding boots. I would suggest wearing a flowy or baggy top to offset the skinny jeans. Too much skin tight clothes in never a good thing! Here are some examples I found that will hopefully inspire you! Women of all shapes and sizes can wear fabulous mid-calf boots! Good luck Christine! Whatever you wear, just rock it with confidence and it will look amazing!

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