Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gold Bow Necklace

I've been getting a swarm of e-mails inquiring about my gold bow necklace. I purchased mine from a local store, but I was able to find many online that are very similar that you all could purchase! Here ya go!

    This can be purchased from Love Like Style for only $16! Looks identical to mine!

           This comes in gold and silver and is cute and dainty. I love it! It can be purchased from Janes Shop in Etsy for $13.50.

Gold Ribbon Necklace - Gold Lace Necklace - Bow Necklace - Gold Necklace - Bowknot Necklace - Bohemian Necklace      This adorable lace bow is from Dana Castle on Etsy and sells for $18.00

This perfect bow is from Kate Spade and costs $78. It comes silver, gold, and rose gold.