Thursday, August 22, 2013

Classroom Organization

Summer has come and gone and school is back in session! Thankfully, I love my job and enjoy being there, but summer break is pretty awesome too.  I wish I had cute bulletin boards to show you and fun things, but this year I decided to keep it simple, especially because I'll be on maternity leave for a few months. What I did do was organize to the max! If you haven't checked it out already, go take a peek at my ultimate teacher binder !
The only "fun" bulletin board I have to share is my job board. Last year I went with an old fashion newspaper theme. I still love it, but this year I wanted to go more modern. 
This job chart is so easy to change in and out. I have flashcards with students' names on them that I can easily slip in and out of the pockets on the iPad. Surrounding the iHelp, I have a chart with the job descriptions and salary along with an envelope of job applications.

To create a bulletin board for my "Student of the Month" I pushed two bookshelves together and added some paper and borders to the side.
This is my morning board. It includes the calendar, number of the day, weather, and a few other things.

 To work on language, I call on my students and they must say "Today I'm feeling _____ because______." They have the emotion chart to choose from and a list of synonyms for "happy" since that seems to be the popular word in the room. For example, I might say "Today I'm feeling blessed because I have such a wonderful job!" It's quick, fun, and a great way to start the day off on a positive note!
I bought this fun frame at TJMaxx and keep it by the door so I can write down reminders for my students. They check it before they leave every day. 

I decided to keep up my classroom rules chart from last year. It's cute and fun!
 Other than that, everything else I want to share is simply organization ideas. Basic, easy, and quick ideas to help make the year run smooth...hopefully! This is my student center with any and every material they may need throughout the day.

 This year I finally got around to organizing my library. Each book is labeled with a coordinating colored sticker.
 My math time tests are filed and out for students to quickly grab as class begins.
This doesn't look like much, but it's a great way for me to organize my stations that I run throughout the week. Everything is labeled by the day of the week and the activity at the specific station. I make all my copies and place materials in the bins so my classroom aides and myself can just grab it and go to our station.

 More random storage. I love these bins because you can just take the entire basket out and move it to the appropriate area. I run many centers, and these baskets are essential to making the day run smoothly.

I love this whiteboard tape. It's super easy to peel on and off and is much cuter than painters tape.
This is my "May do/Must do" board. When students finish work early, they can look to the board for guidance. I used it last year and it worked like a charm! 
 My construction paper storage is the same from last year as well. Hanging it in a filing cabinet is such a mess free way to keep track of it.

 That's all for now, folks! Fancy? Not really. Functional? Very! As long as it's organized, I'm a happy camper. I'm sure I'll have more to come in the near future. I have a few bulletin boards I need to put up once the class has something to show :) I hope everyone has a wonderful school year!