Monday, July 29, 2013

Ultimate Teacher Binder

Last year I made a "teacher binder" and it turned into my bible! This year, I wanted to make another one that was even better than the last! Here's what you'll need to make your own teacher binder:
-fabulously cute binder (I got mine at Target)
-Dividers (I used file folders from Target and cut them in half)

 I really love this binder because it has a handy dandy clipboard in the front! Good 'ol Target!
 Because I wanted cute dividers, I used file folders and cut them in half.

Most importantly is what goes into this self proclaimed bible. Here are my tabs:
-Student Info. (includes class list, parent contact info, IEP info, class schedules, etc.)
-Lesson Plans
-Journal Topics
-Website Passwords
-Staff Info.
-Attendance records

I left extra dividers in the back so I can add things throughout the year. All of the essentials are in here and I can easily flip through it as needed. Love Love Love my binder :)