Friday, July 5, 2013

Favorite Shops

I've received many e-mails and Facebook questions (follow me on Facebook HERE !) about my favorite places to shop. While I enjoy shopping just about anywhere, I definitely have my core stores that I always hit up. If you read my 10 Must Have Closet Basics post, then you know I like a good variety of quality, expensive items along with some cheap, basic items. I try to spend the money where I know it will last. Otherwise, I'll get trendy things for cheap.
   Here are my favorite places to shop, in no specific order.

1. Dillard's- Great variety of clothes, accessories, shoes, purses, etc. I like Dillard's because they carry name brands, but also have a lot of great inexpensive brands. It's a nice mix of everything. 

2. Express - Express is my go to store for work essentials. I get many of my pants and blouses here. They have awesome jewelry and there always seems to be a great sale. 

3. Forever 21- Terrible quality items, but so cheap that it's hard to pass up. Usually this is where I buy my trendy pieces that are probably going out of style in a few months. I also will buy cheap accessories here- belts, scarves, jewelry, etc. 

4. Gap - Gap has good quality items and great staple pieces. I always seem to find coupons or go during a great sale. 

5. Kohl's - Not the best stuff, but I really like the LC Lauren Conrad and Vera Wang lines. That's pretty much all I even go there for.

6. Macy's- Who doesn't love Macy's? Always a good sale going on and they have so many great, classic brands. I will buy anything and everything from Macy's. 

7. Marshalls- Tons of great brands for cheap! The only downside is that it's very hit or miss. You never know what you're getting into when you walk into Marshalls, but I love a good challenge! Great store for clothes, shoes, accessories, purses, even home decor! 

8. Nordstrom- Arguably heaven on earth.  This is my go to store for all designer items. I frequently buy shoes and purses from here. Unfortunately, there isn't a Nordys around the corner, so I resort to online shopping. But- they have free shipping!

9. Old Navy- A sister store of Gap and great shop for basics. Usually they have cute dresses, swim suits, accessories, and tops. I don't seem to fit into their pants and skirts very well, so I usually stick to basic items from here. 

10. Target- I go here multiple times a week, much to my husbands disapproval. What's not to love about Target? Shoes! Accessories! Clothes! Home decor! The list goes on and on! It's not always quality items, but I have had pretty good luck with how long my clothes and shoes last from Target. 

11. TJMaxx- Another stop on my weekly shopping route. Similar to Marshalls, TJMaxx has designer brands for dirt cheap! Again, you have to really hunt for a good find, but it's worth it.  
12. Lulus's- My go to shop for dresses! I believe it's only an online store as of now. Besides dresses, Lulu's has cute tops, great shoes, and fun accessories. A must see! 

There you have it! My favorite places to shop! Do you have any great recommendations for me? I would hate to be missing out on some other great stores!