Friday, June 7, 2013

Cookies and Cream Popcorn

I recently made this cookies and cream popcorn as an end of the year treat for my co-workers and I'm wishing I made more to keep at home! I love a good no-bake dessert simply because it's incredibly easy and quick! I found used this three ingredient recipe from and I'm in love! Popcorn will never be the same!

-9 cups popped popcorn
-20 finely crushed Oreos
-24 oz. white vanilla almond bark (I substituted white chocolate)

1. Prepare popcorn.
2. Melt white chocolate according to package directions.
3. Drizzle chocolate on popcorn.
4. Sprinkle Oreos and mix evenly.
5. Let sit for 5 minutes and enjoy!