Sunday, April 21, 2013

Packing for Vacation

I'm heading to the Bahamas soon (YYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!) and have decided that I most definitely need to pack everything in just one carry-on bag. With the crazy amount of planes we have to hop on, I'm so paranoid that my luggage might get lost. Being that we're going to somewhere tropical, small bathing suits and light weight clothes are all I really need. Here's what I've decided to bring:
-3 swim suits
-1 swim cover up
-2 dresses
-1 pair of shorts
-4 shirts
-1 pair of flip flops
-1 pair of wedges
-accessories: beach bag, Kindle, sun screen, big floppy hat, sunglasses
beach vacation

beach vacation by allthingskatiemarie featuring a bikini swimwear

Every other beach vacation I've gone on, I've packed so many different outfits for each day. By the end of the trip, I lived in my swim suits and wore no makeup the entire time. This time around, I'm going to be practical (hopefully!) Cheers to some sunshine and drinks with umbrellas!