Thursday, December 13, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Gift Giving

This year I decided to make Christmas a little more fun! I purchased items for my husband to open every day for twelve days, starting today! He's participating in our first ever twelve days of Christmas gift exchange! Some days he'll get something simple, like a candy bar. Other days he'll get much nicer gifts. Here are the gifts that he'll be unwrapping over the next twelve days:
1. candy
2. socks
3. clothes
4. back scratcher
5. book
6. magazine subscription
7. cuff links
8. video game
9. tie
10. gloves
11. watch
12. fishing pole

Obviously, these items are specific to my husband and his hobbies and interests. Here are some other items that would be great for any man in your life:
-itunes gift certificate
-concert tickets
-pocket knife
- ihome
-apple T.V.
-coffee mug
-alcohol of any sort
-tickets to a sporting event
-gym membership
-personalized flask
-money clip
-travel bag
-dart board

Any other ideas you have? Women unite! Let's help each other out!