Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Very Own Classroom

     I'm so excited to start my very first year of teaching! It's going to be such a fun year and I'm thrilled to be working with my class.

If only this were true!

    After weeks of prepping, I can happily say that my classroom is nice and organized! I wanted to share some of my favorite organizational ideas, decorations, and thoughts with you.

Here's my daily schedule. I decided to put it on the white board so I can easily make changes and post the day to day activities. I like to erase it once we're done so the students can physically see that we're all done with that subject. I used this AMAZING white board tape to section off items on my white boards. It's super cute- green with white polka dots! 

This is one of my favorite bulletin boards in my room! I got the idea from Pinterest and then added a few of my own touches. The background is the classified adds from a newspaper. I then posted the classroom jobs, description of the job, and the salary (with our classroom economy, of course! NOT real money!) I laminated the jobs so that I can simply erase the names of the employee after their weekly duties are over.

I included a pocket for job applications. Each week, students who are interested in a job must apply for it and are then interviewed.

Once again, the fabulous white board tape came in handy! This board is for students to look to for guidance when they finish work early. The "Must Do" side is things that are very important and the students absolutely must complete them. Once everything on the "Must Do" list is completed, the may choose any activity from "May Do" list. 

Simple way to organize school supplies. The tubs are from the $1 store. I printed the labels from Better Homes and Gardens .

I saw a wooden sign similar to this on Pinterest. I decided to make it on white butcher paper and laminate it. It's a much cuter way to display the class rules.

Once again, Pinterest to the rescue! Nothing like being prepped and organized! 

Storage and counter space is limited in my class. To keep construction paper neat and organized, I decided to hang them in file folders in my file cabinet. No messes (hopefully!)

My only forms of storage. My beloved filing cabinets. 

I had to add a cute little touch to my filing cabinets with some labels I designed.