Saturday, August 25, 2012

Closet Makeover

I love my husband, but I sure do wish we didn't have to share our closet! In my dream home, I visualize a huge, beautiful, gorgeous closet all to myself!!Aaaahhhh... But...I have to work with what I have! And what I have is a small closet. Here's a before and after picture of our small closet:

I had to figure out a way to utilize every inch of that closet! Here's how I did just that:

1. First, I installed drawers and shoe organizers in the center shelves. To do this, I simply bought Closetmaid organizers from Target. Rather than place the whole unit in the shelf, my fabulously handy husband actually build them into the shelf. I added some new handles, and Ta Da! My very own custom closet!

"Built in" shelves.

2. I also had to make good use of the additional shelves towards the top of our closet.  I bought some baskets to help sort my purses, sweaters, etc.

3. To store my boots, I placed them on the top shelf. I put file folders in each pair to help keep it's shape and to prevent the boots from falling over.

4. My various long necklaces hang from a "T" rack I bought at TJ Maxx.

5. I added additional shoe storage on the top shelf as well as below my husbands very tiny closet section. Since the space below the clothes was wide open, I needed to utilize the extra room!
If you squint, you can see my husbands very limited closet space.

After extensive organization, almost every inch of our closet has been occupied! Now, if I could only somehow expand the closet...I'll keep dreaming for now!