Thursday, February 23, 2012

Moss Covered Letters

I originally bought these "B & K" letters for wedding decor. Well, that's come and gone and now they have just been sitting in a closet.

 I decided to cover them in moss and use them as outdoor decor. Since I already had the letters and plenty of hot glue stick refills, the whole project only cost me about $10 for the moss!

WARNING: extremely messy project! Lay down newspaper, plastic, etc. on the table that you are working on and have a vacuum near by!

Beginning stages of project
To cover the letters, all I did was hot glued large pieces of moss to each letter. The tricky part was wrapping the moss around the letter to give it the proper shape. To do this, I glued the edges and back side, then I used an old pencil to roll the moss against the letter, that way I wouldn't burn my fingers, although plenty of that did happen regardless!

Here's the end result!

B & K hung in our backyard.