Sunday, February 19, 2012

Magnetic Makeup Board

My friend called me up complaining that she didn't have ample counter space in her bathroom. After browsing through Pinterest, she told me she wanted to be crafty and make a magnetic makeup board along with a cork board for her jewelry. The moment she said "crafty" I was in!

 Here's what we used for the makeup board:
-11 x 14 frame
-11 x 14 sheet metal
-glue gun
-small magnets

This project was so simple and turned out great! We simply covered the sheet metal with fabric, then inserted the sheet metal into the picture frame. Add a few magnets onto the back of your makeup and just like that! You're done!

The cork board was even easier! Luckily she had an old cork board that she didn't need. Using an exacto knife, we cut out a 11x14 piece, covered it in matching fabric, and popped it back into the picture frame! So easy, inexpensive, and fun! Now she has a little more counter space to get ready and some cute and functional wall decor in her bathroom!